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Our Newest Line 
   Mountain to Sea Wildlife Artistry and Décor
   This line of hand crafted, hand painted fish replicas has hooked a lot of fish lovers and art lovers alike. The artwork team, headed by Kai Woodard of Hawaii, is causing a lot of talk in both the art and the taxidermy industries. The depth of colors, transparencies, luminescence and more delight the eye of everyone who sees these handsome pieces. Kai truly has an eye for this style of work.
   Lodges, guides, companies, etc.- we have a wholesale or distributor market for you. What a great add-on for your profits- to have the fish your client just caught all ready for them to take home!!
   Restaurants, Dr. Offices, furniture stores, interior decorators- these items are perfect for your venue. A nice touch of class for your offices or showrooms, plus you can sell them!!!
   And of course, outdoor themed stores and collectible gift shops- this is just what you need!!!! Share in this wave...
   Contact us for more info on pricing and availability of our "fish stock"!
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